Cheetah Calls

Unleash the Power of Speed-to-Lead

Don’t just chase leads, capture them!

Cheetah Calls

Unleash the Power of Speed-to-Lead

Don’t just chase leads, capture them!

The Early Bird Doesn’t Just Get the Worm;
It Wins the Race!


Why Cheetah Calls?

In today’s fast-paced market, timing is everything. Studies show that businesses who contact potential leads within an hour of receiving an inquiry are nearly 7 times as likely to qualify the lead as those that waited even an hour more (Harvard Business Review)

With Cheetah Calls, your leads are contacted within minutes, not hours, making your business the first to respond and dramatically increasing your chances of conversion.

Here’s the deal: When a lead comes in, it’s hot, and the clock is ticking. The longer you wait, the colder that lead gets. Our Cheetah Calls service is designed to keep the momentum going. We pounce on every opportunity, engaging your prospects when their interest is at its peak, ensuring that your business stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Strike When the Lead is Hot with Cheetah Calls


Your leads are contacted within minutes, ensuring your business is top of mind and you keep the business in your court. 


Fast follow-up increases the likelihood of conversions, as your responsiveness impresses and reassures potential clients.


Every lead is an investment, and our rapid response service maximizes the potential return on each one, transforming interest into income.

*We contact your lead anywhere between 30 seconds to 60 minutes depending on our call volume. Average time is less than 10 minutes.

You Pay Good Money for Your Leads.

Let us Connect You Quickly, Clearly, and Effectively to Turn Interest Into Action



Complete our Cheetah Intake Form to tailor your call instructions.


Connect your leads to our Cheetah Call system with Zapier.


Start outpacing your competition with Cheetah Calls!

Ready to supercharge your lead response time and boost your bottom line?

Let our Cheetah Calls put the speed and precision of the fastest land animal to work for you.

Because in business, just like in the wild, speed can make all the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

We contact your lead anywhere between 30 seconds to 60 minutes depending on our call volume. Average time is less than 10 minutes.

Our outbound team makes 2 additional attempts to contact every cheetah lead.

No problem, our inbound team will check the call notes, see an outbound attempt has been made and use your custom call instructions to seamlessly handle the call!

Currently, Cheetah Calls are available from 6 am - 9 pm MST Monday - Friday. We are working to expand these hours soon. 

It is an additional $20/week ($80/month) to have outbound priority in queue and access to the Cheetah Jills. Your usage will be billed from the same bank of minutes as your regular inbound and outbound calls for one easy invoice.

Cheetah Calls offers fast speed to lead calls that are following up with your customers at the time they are thinking about your services. After a customer fills out a form on your website or Facebook ad, their information will automatically get sent to our system for our Cheetah Jills to handle right away. We contact your future customer anywhere between 30 seconds to an hour depending on our call volume. On average our Cheetah Jills reach your future customer in less than 10 minutes while your business is still on their mind.

By using Cheetah Calls, you're leveraging a speed to lead mentality that will reduce missed customers, distractions, and admin expenses while increasing booked appointments, repeat business, and overall profitability.

Cheetah Calls is suitable for growing businesses across various industries that have or are planning a marketing strategy to collect leads and want to be prompt to respond to your leads inquiry. 


Pro Tip! Marketing is very important, but it is just as important to have a system to capture and connect to all of your leads. Otherwise, it is just marketing dollars down the drain.

Yes, we provide outbound call services for reminder calls, follow-ups, rescheduling, and more. Reach out to your account manager with any questions about what our outbound team can do for you or to set up outbound calls. 

You receive instant summaries and transcripts of calls via our app and/or via email. You can also view call logs and usage stats in real time within your app dashboard.

Yes, we can integrate with dozens of CRMs and online booking systems. View our integrations page to see how Jill’s Office uses your systems. This is a link to Jills Office.