What do you want to know?

We’re actually pretty picky about this. We only hire people who love people because we want them to sound excited and engaged on your calls!

We know your phone is the front door to your business, so we ensure all of  our employees are well-trained and obsessed with creating amazing first impressions for your callers.

(True fact: We’ve actually had other answering services hire US to answer their own corporate phones – a little ironic, eh? haha!)

About 15-20 minutes to fill out all the info we need to set up your account.

Then our script specialists work their magic to turn the business info you submit into seamless call instructions for our receptionists so we can help turn more of your callers into loyal customers.

You’ll have a 30 minute onboarding call with me to make sure we’ve got everything you need.

The whole process can be as fast as 24 business hours.


Nope. We’re committed to WOWing all your customers on every call, but we understand it takes a huge leap of faith to hire someone to represent your business.

With Jill’s Office there are no contracts and no pressure.

We book literally tens of thousands of jobs every month for our clients and save them over $50 million a year in admin/payroll costs.

Our clients tell us all the time that their customers are blown away by our customer service.

But, if you start using us and find we aren’t the right fit – no worries.

We only want to serve you if we are actually helping you in your business. If not, we’ll let you go and cheer you on from the sidelines.



    1. Receptionist services: We can provide professional, tailored receptionist functions to ensure your client communication is seamless.

    2. Scheduling: We can handle booking your appointments, streamlining your calendar efficiently.

    3. Pricing estimates: We can give swift and accurate pricing information during client interactions.

    4. Lead conversion: With our outbound service we can pursue leads and convert them into customers using effective strategies.

    5. Customer retention: We can foster existing client relationships to encourage repeat business.

    6. Invoice management: We can help maintain your cash flow by ensuring prompt invoice payments.

Well, most of our customers realize pretty soon it’s actually free – because the service basically pays for itself in the extra customers we’re able to capture for you.

In fact on average for every $1 our clients spend on our services – they get a $40 return.

However, you’re probably wondering what the investment is to get this return.

There is a range depending on your needs. Some of our bigger clients pay us ¾ a million dollars over the course of 10 years and our lowest clients pay about $350 a month – so it honestly just depends on your call volume and phone needs.

However,  given that the average in-house receptionist will cost you over $45,000/year (when you calculate payroll taxes, benefits, training, time off, etc) and that’s just for 1 person, working 8 hours a day. You can check out more pricing info here.