Outbound Call Request Form


(Please read the following before submitting the form to be sure you understand the outbound call process.)
We love following up with your warm leads and clients! We are not trained or able to make cold sales calls, collections calls, and legal dispute calls.
Please fill out the form if you have a list of clients you’d like us to follow up on or if you have recurring leads coming in (such as Facebook leads) you want us to contact. For one-time outbound call requests (such as calling back a specific customer), please send an action item instead of filling out this form.
Once you submit the form – we’ll get back to you within 24 business hours to let you know your estimated start date. We try to begin as soon as we possibly can and will contact you with any clarification needed.
We leave notes about the calls on your outbound Google Spreadsheet so you can see in real time the progress of your list. We’ll send you an action item only when someone wants more information or schedules an appointment.
Please note we can do our best to guesstimate an approximate cost of your list, but there are several factors that play into the final cost. You can check your call log and current bill at any time by logging into your account at new.jillsoffice.com.

Outbound minutes are calculated the same as inbound minutes. There is a 1 minute billable minimum on any outbound attempt (unless it’s a bad number). Overage on minutes is billed at a per minute rate associated with your minutes package.