Use every second of every call smartly!

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What is the queue?

Our Jill receptionists happily stand-by 24/7 to answer whenever someone calls your business.  We always aim to answer the call promptly!

Occasionally, a customer will wait momentarily in a queue for call to be routed to the next available Jill as she finishes up another call.

Use that time to your advantage to educate and pre-sell callers on your services!

SMART IDEAS to include in your queue:

  • Highlight your unique selling proposition. Let your customers know what sets your services apart from your competitors.
    (For example: “Thank you for waiting! Did you know our team of experts is renowned for their exceptional customer service? You’re in good hands!”
  • Share customer success stories!
    (For example: “While you wait, check out our success stories. We helped John from New York save $500 on his car insurance. Let us help you too!”)
  • Highlight your company’s values.
    (For example: “At our company, we believe in delivering exceptional customer service. That’s why we’re taking the time to make sure we can give you our undivided attention.”)
  • Educate customers about your services
    (For example: “Did you know we also offer roof cleaning and Christmas lighting services? Ask about our bundled discounts!”)
  • Offer memberships or discounts: 
    (For example: “We offer a membership program where you can get a 10% discount off any of our services! Ask the receptionist for more information.”)