Linda Vista Park

Linda Vista Park W S Syracuse UT United States

Park Features

Linda Vista is a community known for its diverse population. It is the largest of its kind in San Diego with residents coming from all over the world, including many Asian nationalities who have settled here since fleeing the Vietnam War. More about Syracuse here!

A number of organizations are located within Linda Vista and provide a variety of services to the community. This includes the Bayside Community Center, Skateworld, the University of San Diego, Frances Parker High School, and the Linda Vista Park and Recreation Center. A fantastic read!

During the winter months, the Linda Vista Park and Recreation Center becomes busy with sports activities such as tennis and skateboarding. This facility is also utilized for youth and adult activities and meetings. In addition to these regular uses, there is also a special area of the Park and Recreation Center dedicated to the memory of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt who was once a resident in Linda Vista. The LVCDC is proud of its historical significance to the community and is working hard to promote its activities, programs, and facilities. Check this out!

Driving direction form Jill’s Office to Linda Vista Park

Driving direction form Linda Vista Park to Jensen Nature Park