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Stop losing money from missed business calls.

Jill is a U.S. based, standby live receptionist – ready to answer your calls whenever you’re busy on other jobs. And unlike an in-house receptionist, you only pay for her when you actually need her!

We have a passion for helping businesses grow and a gift of making people smile.

So you, your callers, and us are all going to get along GREAT!


Get immediate results for as little as $5 a month.

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How Can Jill’s Office Help My Business?

Capture all your leads before they call elsewhere

Call Answering

Call Answering

Let us answer your calls while you are doing business. Each of your calls will be personally answered by our trained and competent SMART assistants™. You will be instantly notified of the call messages through email and our mobile app.

Fill your calendar with estimates and jobs

Educate New Customers


We work with a variety of online calendars and can schedule estimates and cleanings right on the call with the customer. We are adept at ensuring there are buffers for travel time. AND, we can even make reminder calls the day before to be sure they’re home for their scheduled time.

Reactivate Past Clients & Set Up Recurring Cleaning

Reactivate Past Customers

Reactivation Calls

We can call out to past clients to get them rescheduled and let them know about seasonal specials. We can also call your customers to get them on a recurring schedule and set up their quarterly cleanings.

Get More Jobs Through Referrals

Get More Referrals

Referral Calls

Organic growth is always the most profitable, but sometimes it needs a little nudge. Provide us a list of customers and we’ll call to help with lead generation.

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Join the SMART business owners who hire Jill’s Office

Roofer Grosses an Additional $250,000 While Saving $20,000 in Operating Costs in 1 Year with Jill’s Office.

Massage Therapist Books More Appointments by Using Jill’s Office to Answer Calls and Schedule.

2 Man Operation (Online Retail) to Full-Fledged Business Team with Jill’s Office

Window Cleaning Owners Explain How Jill’s Office Helps Balance Work and Family Life

Carpet Cleaner Grosses an Additional $885 in First Week of Forwarding Calls to Jill’s Office.

Busy Business Owner Manages Time Better and Gets Even MORE Work from Ideal Customers with Jill’s Office.

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